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Double Dutch Chocolate Fudge Cake

Subject: Double Dutch Chocolate Fudge Cake
From: mason
Date: 5/20/2022, 1:16 PM

On 5/20/2022 12:19 PM, mason wrote:

I'm looking for a Double Dutch Chocolate Fudge Cake recipe from around the 1960s. 
My grandma's dad never liked cake but he loved that! Please can you help it's to 
honor his memory. He passed away. It had a dark fudge icing. Both were almost black 
in colour. We have a clue to it's possible cookbook by Carnation but that's as far 
as we ever know.  

Hello Mason,

You seem quite certain that the name of the recipe was "Double Dutch Chocolate Fudge Cake". I am not finding any recipe at all with that exact name. I did find a few recipes with similar names, but they do not mention Carnation as a source or as an ingredient. In order to find a recipe like this, I must have the exact name of the recipe and/or some ingredients that are somewhat unique to the particular recipe. There are a number of recipes on the web with somewhat similar names, but without more information, I cannot determine which, if any, might be similar.

You can look these recipes. One might be similar:

Double Dutch Fudge Cake

Mom's Double Dutch Cake

Double Dutch Upside-Down Cake

I'll post this for reader input.


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