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Pumpkin Pickles

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From: Annie
To: phaedrus
Sent: Monday, September 20, 2004 12:49 AM
Subject: Re:Old Fashion Pumpkin Pickles

> HI ,
> i had entered this recipe in the pumpkinfest in my hometown,years ago... i
> lost it from moving around...i know it had orangejuice in it...i would
> appreciate whatever you can find for this year's pumpkinfest is 
> coming in
> october, and i'd love to beable to make it again...
> thank you Annie...PA.

Hello Annie,

I could only find one recipe with orange juice. See below. Below it is another one that has lemon.


Orange Pickled Pumpkin

1 pumpkin, 5 to 6 pounds
4 to 5 cups sugar
1 quart apple cider vinegar
3 cups water
2 sticks cinnamon
2 chunks fresh ginger root or 1/4 cup chopped crystallized ginger
1 tablespoon whole allspice, optional
1 1/2 teaspoon whole cloves
6 ounces frozen orange juice concentrate; thawed

You will need the basic equipment for boiling water bath canning. Organize 
and prepare ingredients, equipment and work space. Cut, seed and clean 
pumpkin. Wash pumpkin with cold water; peel and cut it into 1 inch chunks, 
about 4 quarts. In a preserving pot, combine sugar, vinegar, water and 
spices; tie spices in cheesecloth, if desired. Heat over high heat until 
boiling, stirring constantly. Continue to heat and stir until the sugar 
dissolves. Stir in pumpkin chunks and orange juice concentrate and heat to 
boiling. Reduce heat to simmer and cook, stirring occasionally, until 
pumpkin is just barely tender, about 30 minutes. Ladle pumpkin into hot jars 
to within 1/2 inch of tops, spooning in the hot liquid from kettle. Run a 
slim, nonmetal tool down along the insides of jars to release any air 
bubbles. Add additional hot liquid to within 1/4 inch of tops, if necessary. 
Wipe tops and threads of jars with a damp clean cloth. Put lids and screw 
bands in place as manufacturer directs. Process in boiling water bath for 10 
minutes. Follow basic steps for boiling water bath canning. Yield 8 to 9 1 
pint jars.

 Ingredients :
 2 lbs. peeled and seeded pumpkin, cut into 1 1/2 inch chunks
 2 c. white vinegar
 1 cinnamon stick
 6 whole cloves
 Peel from one lemon, cut into strips (yellow part only)
 1 lb. white sugar (2 c.)

 Preparation :
    Bring vinegar, cinnamon stick, cloves and lemon peel to a boil.
 Pour over pumpkin chunks in dish and let marinate for 24 hours.
 Place pumpkin and marinade in cooking pot and bring to a boil.  Add
 sugar, reduce heat and cook, stirring frequently until pumpkin is
 clear and glazed.  Keep hot on low heat and put in hot jars and
 seal.  NOTE: This recipe as given makes very little juice.  If
 desired, the marinade and sugar may be doubled. 

Japanese Mustard

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From: Barbara
To: phaedrus
Sent: Saturday, September 18, 2004 8:25 PM
Subject: Looking for a receipe

> hey...... do you have a receipe for the japanese mustard sause  served in
> myobi kyoto restaurants?  if so, i would love to have  it....
> thanks,
> barbara in charleston, sc

Hello Barbara,

I can't find anything from myobi kyoto, but below is a recipe.


Japanese Mustard  Sauce

1/4 c. dry mustard
2 tbsp. cold water
3 tbsp. heavy cream
1/4 tbsp. soy sauce
1 tbsp. toasted sesame seeds, crushed
1 tsp. grated lemon rind

Mix mustard with water and cream. Add soy sauce, seeds, and lemon rind. Mix 
until smooth. Good for dipping sauce. 

More Japanese Steakhouse Recipes

Polpette Napolitane

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From: Deb
To: phaedrus
Sent: Tuesday, September 21, 2004 8:20 PM
Subject: Italian Meatballs

> Dear Phaedrus,
>            Okay, here's one for you.  I watched an episode of "Tyler's
> Ultimate" on Food Network.  He was featuring meatballs.  As I am sure you
> know, he visits several places to get their recipes and then goes home to 
> do his own.  The recipe I would like to replicate is one that had medium 
> sized meatballs with fresh mozzarella inserted inside the meat   Once browned 
> they had marinara sauce poured over and baked.  The marinara sauce in no
> problem..mine is pretty good.   His on the recipe site does not do this 
> and the meat is in a much larger size when you make it into balls.  Can you 
> find something like this?  Since I just sent "Flora's Fudge" perhaps you owe me
> one!
> Your site is wonderful.I check in everyday..just in case! 
> Thank you so much!
> Your friend,   Deb 

Hi Deb,

I found three recipes from that episode of "Tyler's Ultimate". The one below is the only one that had mozzarella inserted into the meatballs. Hope this is it.

Happy to be able to repay you if it is.


Polpette Napoletane

2 slices stale white bread, crusts removed
1 cup milk
1 small bunch flat-leaf parsley, finely chopped
1 clove garlic, finely chopped
9 ounces minced beef and pork, equal amounts
2 fresh eggs
2 ounces pecorino, grated
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
1 buffalo mozzarella, drained and chopped into little pieces
Unseasoned bread crumbs
Extra-virgin olive oil, for frying
Tomato sauce, recipe follows

Put the bread in a small mixing bowl, cover with milk, and leave to soak.
Chop the parsley and garlic together. Put meat into a large mixing bowl. 
Squeeze the milk out of the bread and add to meat. Add parsley and garlic. 
Use your hands to mix the ingredients. Break eggs into the mixture to bind 
it. Keep mixing. Add the pecorino. Season with salt and freshly ground black 
pepper. Shape meatballs by hand, make a hole in the top and insert a small 
piece of mozzarella. Cover it up and pat meatball into shape. Roll them in 
bread crumbs. Pour olive oil into a frying pan and when it's really hot, fry 
the meatballs for 5 minutes, or until they have formed a crust. Then turn 
over. When golden brown and crusty on both sides remove the meatballs from 
the pan and drain on paper towels.

Add the meatballs to the tomato sauce, cover and cook very slowly on low 
heat for 45 minutes, until the sauce is reduced by half.

Tomato sauce:
Extra-virgin olive oil
1 clove garlic
3 (12-ounce) tins peeled cherry tomatoes

Pour enough oil into a saucepan to cover the surface. Add garlic and 3 tins 
of tomatoes, mashing them slightly. Boil the sauce for 5 minutes and simmer 
for another 3 minutes.
*Cook's Note: I find that tinned tomatoes are better for a sauce that needs 
cooking for a long time. Fresh tomatoes are good if one is not cooking them 
for a long time.

Yield: 6 servings
Cooking Time: 8 minutes

Homemade Pancetta

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From: "michael" 
To: phaedrus
Sent: Friday, June 18, 2004 6:07 AM
Subject: Homemade Pancetta

Great site,I tried to find a recipe in your archives and also at ,but I was not able to. Could you please help? 

Regards Mick 

Hello Mick,

I found the below recipe in several places on the web. I can't vouch for it, but it looks appropriate.



1 pork belly-skin on, about 10 pounds
1/2 cup salt
2 teaspoons Prague powder #1 (NaNO2)
2 Tbs white pepper
2 Tbs mace
2 Tbs garlic, powdered
2 Tbs dextrose
5 juniper berries

Mix salt, sugar, juniper berries and cure--pulverize in spice grinder and 
divided mixture in half.

Add pepper, mace and garlic to one of the divided mixtures.

Dust the meat side of the belly with the salt cure (without the spices). 
Using latex gloves, rub the curing mixture vigorously into the meat.

Place the belly in a large plastic bag, secure the open end, and refrigerate 
at 37 degrees F for 4 days.

After 4 days remove the belly from the bag and rub in the remaining curing 
mixture (with the spices) and refrigerate for an additional 4 days at 37 
degrees F.

Remove belly from bag, and soak in cool water for 20 minutes to remove 
excess surface salts.

Attach a bacon hook to one end of the belly and air dry at 55 degrees F for 
2 days.

Soak two 5-inch fibrous casing in water for about an hour and a half.

Remove the skin from the belly and square off the meat. Divide the belly in 

Roll each belly piece into a tight roll and place in the casing. Note: I 
found that slicing the casing along its length allowed me to get a "tight 
fit" when I roll up the pancetta. Tie the pancetta with sausage twine around 
the circumference every 1/2 inch or so to make a neat firm log.

Hang for 10 days at 55 degrees F and 50% relative humidity. Refrigerate and 
use any time after this date. 

School Coffee Cake

From: Anne
To: phaedrus
Subject: Your Puzzlers
Date: Thursday, September 23, 2004 5:05 PM

Dear Phaed, 
I found your website today and its wonderful. I noticed that you were  
looking for "school cafeteria" recipes (cakes, cookies or bars) and I have one  for 
you that is an excellent recipe. I hope that you can use it. I found this  
recipe on the WEB several years ago and have enjoyed this coffee cake since  
All my best to you, 
Los Angeles
1959 City School Sour Cream Coffee Cake
Yield: 8  Servings

--------------------------L.A. Times Food  Section--------------------------
1 1/2 c  Cake  flour
1/2 c  Flour
1 ts Baking soda
1 ts Baking  powder
1/2 c   Butter
1 c   Sugar
1    Egg, lightly  beaten
1 ts  Vanilla
1 c  Sour  cream

1/4 c  Flour
3/4 c  Brown sugar;  packed
1/4 ts Salt
1  c  Chopped walnuts
1/4 c   Butter

All ingredients should be at room temperature.  In bowl mix together
flours, soda and baking  powder.
In another bowl cream together butter with sugar  until fluffy and light.
Add egg and vanilla and mix well. Add half of  dry ingredients, mixing just
until flour is blended. Blend in sour  cream, then remaining dry
Spread  half of batter lightly into a 10-inch tube pan. Sprinkle with half
of  Topping and spread with remaining batter. Sprinkle with remaining
Topping. Bake at 350 degrees 40 to 45 minutes.
TOPPING:  Mix together flour, sugar, salt and nuts. Add butter in small
pieces.  Rub in by hand until mixture is crumbly. Be careful not to  overmix.
Each serving contains about: 580 calories; 331 mg  sodium; 85 mg
cholesterol; 34 grams fat; 66 grams carbohydrates; 7  grams protein; .77 gram
- Los Angeles Unified School District  

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