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Scandia Restaurant Crabmeat Dante

Subject: Crabmeat Dante from Scandinavia Restaurant now closed in Los Angeles.
From: Richard
Date: 12/19/2019, 5:43 AM

On 12/18/2019 4:30 PM, Richard wrote:

This fine restaurant was on sunset Boulevard at Doheny  and Crabmeat Dante was an appetizer 
which was a mushroom cap filled with a cheesy, mustardy deviled crab meat possibly brockets. 
I have tried to replicate it by sense memory. Maybe you would have better luck with finding 
a genuine recipe. Thanks,

Hello Richard,

I cannot find any mention of a "Scandinavia Restaurant" in Los Angeles. I think you mean the "Scandia Restaurant" at 9040 Sunset Boulevard, that featured Scandinavian cuisine. However, I cannot find any mention of them serving a dish called "Crab Dante" or "Crabmeat Dante" or "Crab Meat Dante". I could not find a dish with any of those names at all. I found a scan of a Scandia menu online here: LA Weekly.

There is no listing for an appetizer called "Crabmeat Dante", but under the heading "Appetizers - The Hot Delights", I found this listing:

The Mushrooms with Deviled Crab: Fresh crabmeat cooked with shallots and mustard stuffed into mushroom caps.

I searched for, but could not find, any recipe for Scandia's "mushrooms stuffed with deviled crab". Sorry.  There are other crabmeat stuffed mushrooms recipes on the web, with a variety of mustards and cheeses. See these sites:

Group Recipes

I will post this for reader input


Wow, thank you. Scandia. That was the dish, thank you. They must have changed the name to Dante 
on a later menu. I really appreciate your trying.

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