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Larry Blake's Cinemascope Sandwich

Subject: Larry Blake’s
From: Thomas
Date: 1/1/2019, 9:12 AM

On 12/31/2018 10:19 PM, Thomas wrote:

I am amazed my wife and I seem to be the only ones keeping Larry’ Cinemascope sandwich memory.
For the record, I grew up in Berkeley.  In the 50’s Berkeley was much different than after ‘63.

In the 50’s the family restaurant was at street level and Rheuling Rathskeller was in the 
basement where fraternities had parties.  No Greeks too. I could not afford much st Blake’s 
in those days

On splurge feast days in the 70’s my wife and I would order 1/2 a CinemaScope sandwich — 
a loaf of wide French bread, toasted, a little garlic, salami, mortadella, American cheese, 
green pepper.

The Hollywood was similar but substituted roast beef for Italian cold cuts.

With $ from Telegraph restaurant Larry opened the Davis place, I don’t think it made money.

Hello Thomas,

This is twice in as many years that I have searched for an item from Larry Blake's. I haven't had any luck.

I could find only one mention of Larry Blake's serving a "Cinemascope Sandwich." That one mention is here: Bear Insider

I could find no mention at all of the "Hollywood Sandwich."

The only menu that I could find from Larry Blakes was a 1982 one here: Ollswang

On that menu is the popular "Blake-Burger" and several sandwiches, but no sandwich called "Cinemascope" or "Hollywood" or "Salmagundi."

My previous 2017 posting about the search for Larry Blake's "Salmagundi Sandwich." is here: 11-24-2017

I'll post this for reader input.


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