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Vegan Coconut Creme Easter Eggs

Subject: Vegan coconut creme eggs
From: Linda
Date: 12/31/2019, 9:45 AM

On 12/30/2019 8:49 PM, Linda wrote:

Iíve been looking for a coconut cream Easter egg recipe that professional candy makers use 
(and which could be replicated in a home kitchen without all the additives etc) and that 
does not need refrigeration for over twenty years. The internet is full of recipes using 
bases of either cream cheese, butter, or mashed potatoes. I did see the one on your site 
but that one is not cooked as in candy making. I just discovered the Hercules Candy Store 
You tube videos......well worth taking a look if you havenít seen them.†I was very excited 
that they featured an entire video on coconut cream Easter eggs! Old fashion candy making 
demonstrations right in the basement of their family shop. They make their cream eggs using 
a base of sugar, corn syrup and water (20 lbs sugar, 10 lbs corn syrup and 4 quarts of water)....
which is brought to exactly 240d. Their video shows the entire process in detail. That is the 
type of recipe that I have been searching for.† Have you seen anything like that? (That could 
be made in small batches for the† home kitchen.) I also wondered that if your site contacted 
them, if they would be willing to share a recipe for in home use. Just a thought since they 
are very open about their recipes etc.
Thanks in advance,

Hi Linda,

Well, I watched two of the Hercules videos on YouTube (An hour each!).†I also searched the Internet for a recipe fitting your description. No luck.

Sorry, I don't make direct contacts to ask for recipes. Why not try contacting them yourself?

What I got from the videos is that they make a "creme" filling with sugar, corn syrup, and water that they use as a base for the fillings that they put in their Easter eggs. They are vegan, so they don't use any eggs or butter or dairy products.

They add flaked coconut to the base filling to make their coconut creme eggs, and they add other things to make the other types of eggs. Their basic filling is just 20 lbs of sugar, 10 lbs corn syrup, and 4 quarts or 8 pints or 16 cups of water.

Are you creative in the kitchen? If you are, you could try just dividing these amounts by a number to make a reduced recipe, such as 1/20th?† 20 lbs of sugar divided by 20 = 1 lb of sugar. 10 lbs of corn syrup divided by 20 = 1/2 lb of corn syrup. 8 pints of water = 16 cups = 128 ounces of water divided by 20 = 6.4 ounces of water. Heat it to 240 degrees on your candy thermometer, Then slowly whip it with your mixer or blender for 25 minutes, as they do. This gives it the white color by mixing air with it. Heat it again and add the coconut, and you have your coconut creme filling.

You'll have to make your own cornstarch egg-shaped molds for filling with the coconut creme mixture, using something egg-shaped such as a plastic egg or a ceramic egg, or even a real egg of some kind?† Let them sit a while to become firm - this is where refrigeration comes in - it speeds up the process of firming. Then coat them with melted chocolate by hand, as the Hercules folks do in the video.† If you are vegan, as they are, you will have to use vegan chocolate.

I'm not saying this would be easy. I haven't done it myself, so I can't vouch for it personally. It may not work well the first time. You will have to experiment a bit. Watch the videos again and imitate their methods.

I will post this for reader input.


Hi again,
They were long videos! But I was so excited to actually watch a professional recipe 
being used,  I didnít mind. Yes, I agree that Iíll have to experiment. I did write 
them but was told they have 400 videos and they linked to the one I sent you. 

Iím impressed that you spent so much time on this quest! Itís been a very long one 
for me so I appreciate your efforts!??

When I get around to experimenting, Iíll let you know. Meanwhile, perhaps one of your 
readers might respond when they see your post.

Thanks again,

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