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White Kitchen BBQ Sauce

Subject: White Kitchen BBQ Sauce
From: John
Date: 1/27/2020, 11:52 AM

On 1/27/2020 10:50 AM, John wrote:

Any chance of locating a recipe for the White Kitchen Steak/BBQ Sauce?† The most popular site was 
located on Hwy 90 near Hwy 190 in Slidell, LA.† Iím pretty sure the sauce was trademarked and IIRC, 
was available from Rex foods just prior to Hurricane Katrina.



Hi John,

I did a thorough search of all my available resources and I found a lot of mentions of White Kitchen in Slidell, including posts on message boards from people also looking for the bbq sauce recipe. I found a website for Rex Fine Foods in New Orleans, but I could not find any mention of them selling the White Kitchen sauce. See:† Rex Fine Foods

I found a scan of an old menu from White Kitchen here:†My New Orleans

There is an article with photos here: Tammany Family Blog

George Allen Bowden, the chef at the White Kitchen Restaurant, made the famous White Kitchen BBQ sauce recipe. I didn't have any success locating a recipe. I'll post this for reader input.


Thanks.  Thatís pretty much all I could find as well.  I even tried to check the 
trademark history but found nothing as well.  All I remember is that it was more 
of a brown, savory sauce and not very sweet or tomato based.  Iím pretty sure it 
was Rex Foods, but I may be wrong.  I know it wasnít Zatarainís since I have a 
friend who worked there and she had no knowledge of it being one of their products.  
I wonder if any of the local grocery chains might still have a order history?  
Iím sure I would have only gotten it at either Rouseís or Breaux Mart.

Thanks Again Phaed,


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