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Particular Beef Barley Soup

Subject: beef barley soup
From: molly
Date: 2/4/2019, 7:18 AM

On 2/3/2019 2:49 PM, molly wrote:

there was a cafe main street and 4th south in salt lake city utah.  
they served the best ever beef barley soup.  i have search for the 
recipe but can't find it.  can you help?


Hello Molly,

Sorry, if you want me to find a specific recipe from a specific cafe, you must tell me the name of the cafe and the time period that it was in business.

I will post this. Perhaps one of of my readers can shed some light.


On 2/10/2019 3:50 PM, Rebecca wrote:

sorry, it was called china village 

Hello Molly or Rebecca,

There is a "China Village" restaurant currently at 1234 S Redwood Rd. in Salt Lake City, but they do not have a beef barley soup on their menu.

Historically, there was a China Village restaurant at 334 S. Main Street in Salt Lake City. There is a 1951 photo of it here: Utah State History

I cannot find any recipes or any mention of beef barley soup from that restaurant at all. Very few mentions of the restaurant on the Internet.


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