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Cushman's Bakery Sugar Cookies

Subject: Cushman's Sugar Cookie Recipe
From: Kathleen
Date: 2/8/2020, 4:16 PM

On 2/8/2020, Kathleen wrote:

As a youngster I had ONLY one favorite cookie that we'd buy from Cushman's Bakery 
in Washington Heights, New York. It was their large, round, soft, Sugar Cookies 
with the cookie's tops all sprinkled with LARGE sugar pieces.

If you have any luck in finding this Cushman's Sugar Cookie recipe, I would be more 
than profoundly grateful to you.

Regardless, I do appreciate any effort you might be willing to make toward this end.

Thanks so much, in the interim.

Kathleen [78 yrs old]

Hi Kathleen,

I have been searching for that Cushman's Bakery sugar cookie recipe for at least a decade with no success, nor did I have any success today. The only Cushman's Bakery recipe that I have ever been able to find is for their "scotch cookies". See: 4-4-2011


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