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Austrian Buchteln or Wuchteln

Subject: Austrian recipe
From: Kristine
Date: 2/16/2020, 10:42 AM

On 2/15/2020 4:48 PM, Kristine wrote:

So when I was a kid my neighbor was Austrian and she used to make these bread buns with jelly 
inside baked in a large I'm guessing 11x13 pan filled with melted butter in the bottom, then 
melted butter poured on top before baking. It was a raised dough she called them woochdles. 
Not spelled correctly at all lol. pronounced woo' k' dles. It was pure heaven to bite into 
those things with the crispy brown bottom and the jelly inside. YUMM the bread inside was 
very soft like white bread. Can you help?

Hi Kristine,

I think that they are jam-filled "buchteln", also known as "wuchteln" and other similar local names. See the recipes on these sites, with photos:

Strudel and Schnitzel

Lil Vienna

Food 52


OMGOSH !!! Thank you so much. My brother got the family version of the recipe, by this I mean she 
showed him by handful of this pinch of that mix it til it feels right.  So we are VERY grateful 
for the recipe, it brings back so many cherished childhood memories!!! I'll send you a pic of the 
finished product. Thank you Thank you :)

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