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Bronco Bob's Roasted Mango Chipotle Sauce

Subject: Roasted mango chipotle barbecue sauce
From: Debra
Date: 2/20/2019, 3:14 PM

On 2/20/2019 2:23 PM, Debra wrote:

I used to be able to buy Bronco Bob's sauces here, but haven't found them for a number of years.  
My favorite was the Mango.  I found a list of ingredients (off the bottle) but have no idea how 
to put them together to make a sauce.  My efforts to find recipes with these ingredients nets me 
nothing except a copycat for Pizza Hut's Chioptle dipping sauce, which is not close to this 
barbecue sauce.

"mangos, sugar, apple cider vinegar, jalapeno peppers, garlic powder, salt, chipotle peppers, 
natural mesquite smoke flavor, pectin"

They do sell it through Amazon, but while it appears to be available for less than $10 per bottle 
in some places, amazon links cost at least double that.  They used to have it through Walmart, 
but even that's gone, now.

Maybe you have a way to find a recipe using these ingredients?  I've not managed it, so far :(



Hi Debra,

Well, I found Bronco Bob's Roasted Mango Chipotle Sauce listed for less than $10.00. I also found mentions that Whole Foods has it.  However, you may find that these places will say it is "currently unavailable":

Lady Walton's - $9.50

Old Town Spices - $7.50

I found it listed at several other places for $20.00 a bottle or more, but most of these seems to be re-sellers.

Bronco Bob's appears to be owned by "Lady Walton's", which has a website with a Bronco Bob's Page here: Bronco Bob's

Both Bronco Bob's and Lady Walton's have Facebook pages, but neither has been posted on in almost a year.

I could not find it said in so many words, but it looks as though the company has gone out of business. You might try calling the customer service numbers on the Lady Walton/Bronco Bob's website.

As for recipes, I could not find a recipe, a copycat, or a "tastes-like" for Bronco Bob's Roasted Mango Chipotle Sauce. I searched for, but could not find, any recipe at all for "mango chipotle sauce" that had anything close to the ingredients that you list.

I will post this for reader input.


Subject: Roasted mango chipotle barbecue sauce
From: Debra
Date: 2/20/2019, 4:21 PM

Thank you, Uncle Phaed :)  If you couldn't find any recipes, then I don't feel so stupid.

The biggest problem I have is that any of the places that do list it require shipping, 
and being glass bottles this makes it expensive. I'm not near anyplace like Whole Foods, 
and don't have the option of going there.  One place I used to find it at is 45 minutes 
away (I used to work near there), and I've tried calling, they say they don't have it.  
I don't know if it's just that whoever answers the phone just doesn't want to look, or 
if they really don't, but I am not driving those distances for one item only to find 
it's not something they stock anymore.  The other place is half that distance, and they 
don't carry it anymore.

I decided to call Lady Walton's customer service, and they are still in business.  
Thanks for the link!  The woman I spoke to was very nice, and says she'll try to find 
someplace near my zip code that sells it.  If I could, I really think I'd prefer to 
just make it myself, now - this hunt has dragged on for several years.

She also told me to look for "B Bob's", as they now market the exact same thing under that name.  

Again, thanks so much,


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