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Dallas Chicken

Subject: Dallas Chicken
From: George
Date: 2/17/2020, 9:10 AM

On 2/16/2020 7:41 PM, George wrote:

My name is George, and I am originally from Dallas, Tx. Back in the eighties, 
I was a chef at a Park Cities Restaurant named Juan Murphy's. One day the dish 
washer came in with a recipe book he'd found, called RECIPES FROM THE HOUSEWIVES 
OF HIGHLAND PARK, I believe that was the name, or something similar. It may have 
been Recipe Book from Highland Park Methodist Church.

Anyway, I was always looking for something new to try for a lunch special, so I 
found this recipe in the book he gave me, called DALLAS CHICKEN, and what got my 
eye was, there over 30 ingredients in the sauce! So turns out we had all the 
ingredients on hand, and we made it and served it for lunch. It was so amazing, 
people were coming back in the kitchen for the recipe, and to try and get a 
sample of the sauce to take home.

I have searched everywhere, eBay, on the internet, and never could find the book 
or the recipe. I wrote down the ingredients I could remember, about 23, but it 
didn't taste the same, plus I didn't have the measurements, so, it wasn't that 
good. I just now found that partial recipe I had kept, and was searching again 
for the entire recipe or the book it might be in, when I found your site. 

If you can find this recipe, I would be so forever grateful, you will love it if 
you try it. If you search DALLAS CHICKEN, you'll get a lot of Dallas Restaurants, 
and a lot of recipes for fried chicken. This entree is baked chicken breasts with 
bone in, in a pan on a layer of broccoli spears, with the sauce poured over it, 
and served with rice.

Best Regards,


Hello George,

Well, I had no more success than you have had. I cannot find a "Dallas Chicken" recipe that fits your description. I cannot find any mention of a cookbook with the name "Recipes from the Housewives of Highland Park" or any variation of that, except for a mention in the comment section of another chicken recipe and which appears to be from you yourself: Rachel Schulz

Highland Park United Methodist Church has published at least a couple of cookbooks in the past, but I cannot find one that is older than 1990. You might call the church itself and ask their church librarian. He/she might be of help.

I will post this for reader input.


Yes, well there is a seller that has a lot of cook books on eBay, and one from that 
same church, and the cover is the same yellow color, but when I reached out to see 
if it might be in that book before I bought it, they never replied. If it's still 
for sale I may buy it, it was 12.00 I believe.

Thanks anyway,


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