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Sandy's Secret Big Scot Sauce

Subject: Sandy's secret sauce
From: "Amy"
Date: 4/3/2019, 2:16 PM

On 4/2/2019 10:39 PM, Amy wrote:

Looking for the recipe for Sandy's secret sauce. They served it on a signature burger called 
the "Big Scot", a burger before the big mac made the scene. 

Hello Amy,

First thing I want to do is to warn you about Google links to sites about Sandy's Restaurant. One of these sites, the Geocities site, behaves erratically - switches to a domain name advertisement after ten seconds or so. I think it's the Geocities site. Many of the others bring up a warning from my malware detector that they are sites that will try to install malware on your computer.  The few remaining sites are to a subscription newspaper archive service, which has scanned ads for Sandy's in old newspapers. None of these sites has an actual recipe for Sandy's secret sauce.

There is some discussion about Sandy's here: Roadfood

That Geocities site is here: Geocities

From the Geocities site:
The four founders of Sandy's originally operated some of the earliest McDonald's franchises. But when they couldn't open a location in Peoria, Illinois, they decided to start their own business. The Scottish-themed Sandy's opened in 1956, expanding on what McDonald's had done. In the early 70s, Sandy's merged with Hardee's, and the brand all but disappeared later in the decade.

The closest thing that I found to a recipe is this, from : MeTV

Sandy's was a Scottish-themed fast food restaurant that opened in 1956, but eventually merged with Hardee's in the 1970s, dying out entirely by the 1980s. That's the last time we all tasted the Big Scot burger, with its memorable sweet sauce that some say you can recreate with a little mustard, mayonnaise, onion, relish, sugar, and a whole lot of love for bygone burger chains -  to get the mix just right.

Add a little ketchup to make it pink, and it sounds remarkably like "Thousand Island Dressing" or "McDonald's Big Mac 'Special Sauce'".

This is all that I could find. I'll post this for reader input.


On 4/4/2019 2:21 PM, Amy wrote:

Thank you for the information.  I was able to get the recipe off a Facebook site that states 
it came from a ex employee.  Old burger (secret) sauces from defunct fast food chains are a 
passion of mine and they need to be shared.  I’m hoping to also find the sauce from Burger 
Chef’s “Big Shef” burger.  Here is the Sandy’s recipe so you can add it to the post;

 Big Scot Sauce:
 1 quart real Mayonnaise
 3/4 cup Sugar
 1/8 cup Mustard
 1 pint Sweet Relish
 1 cup dehydrated chopped onions.

 The dehydrated onions are key as they set the sauce consistency so it was thick. Be sure to use 
chopped/shredded cabbage and American cheese! This is 1/8th the original recipe...enjoy!!

Hi Amy,

Thank you for sending the recipe and making it available for others. I found it myself after you told me that you had found it under the name "Big Scot Sauce." I found it at: Remembering Sandy's DriveIn


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