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D H Holmes Candy Recipes

Subject: D.H. Holmes Recipes
From: Yvette
Date: 4/2/2020, 8:23 AM

On 4/1/2020 8:11 PM, Yvette wrote:

I am a native New Orleanian and my Aunt Bernadette used to work for D.H. Holmes. 
She was a candy maker that worked for the company over 30 years. She had a personal 
book of recipes which included the milk chocolate pecan clusters, the Hulk, and 
pecan log candy which she made during Easter season.

My cousin has lost her book to my dismay, but I was told that the old D.H. Holmes 
recipe book had these recipes in it. If you could find any of these recipes I would 
be most grateful! I’d also be willing to buy a copy of the book if you could track 
it down. So far I haven’t had any success! Please let me know. 

Wishing you good health!


Hi Yvette,

I cannot find any mention of any of those DH Holmes candies anywhere at all except for the "Hulk Bars". I found the Hulk bars mentioned in a magazine called  "Gambit's Summer Restaurant Guide," published on May 30, 2011. On Page 24 of that magazine, there is a small mention of a place called "Bittersweet Confections," and it says that they sell "Hulk Bars" like D.H. Holmes made.  See the graphic below, and the magazine is online at:  Issuu

The magazine is 9 years old, but "Bittersweet Confections" is still in business. They have a website at Bittersweet Confections.They have apparently changed locations since that magazine mention. They are now at:

Bittersweet Confections
   Warehouse District
725 Magazine St., NOLA
7:30am - 2pm Everyday  


Bittersweet Confections
639 S. Hennessey St.
7:30am - 2pm Everyday

Yvette, I searched for a D H Holmes recipe book, but I cannot find any mention of one. The only recipe book connected with D H Holmes that I have ever been able to find a mention of is one called "Bayou Banquet: Recipes from a Potpourri of Cultures" that was issued by the store. It's available at a few used book sites online, I think. However, the recipes in that cookbook are not the recipes that were used to make the dishes in DH Holmes' "Potpourri Restaurant." It is simply a cookbook of popular Louisiana recipes. If your cousin ever finds that recipe book of your Aunt's, I would be immensely grateful if you or she would scan the pages and send them to me.

I have a D H Holmes specific page at:  D H Holmes


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