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Pennsylvania Dutch Mosey Pies

Subject: Pa Dutch Mosey Pie
From: Penelope
Date: 4/9/2020, 3:52 PM

On 4/9/2020 1:51 PM, Penelope wrote:

Dear Phaedrus
On this occasion of my Grandmothers 130th birth anniversary I got thinking about how she 
used the leftover dough to make mosey pies. Imagine my delight to pull up your thread 
about this with Barbara. I agree with Dave Fooks- and Barbara said “bingo”. When I was 
little I “baked” next to my grandmother on baking day Friday. She made lots of fruit pies, 
one was called guidda (quinces I think ) apples of course, once I remember schnitz 
(dried apples) butterscotch cream pie. Then the leftover pie dough was put in small 
baking tins for mosey pies. I never heard an “h” pronounced in it. I also never remember 
molasses in it- but she never made shoo fly pie that I remember. I remember the milk, 
cinnamon, sugar,  butter, usually not an egg but I’m don’t want to say never. Eggs were 
saved for fruit custard pies like peach or rhubarb custard pies. She grew up near the 
border of Berks and Lebanon Counties. Oh she also made corn pie, yum. One time there was 
a family reunion and she made corn pie, which was considered a main dish, for 40. 
Thanksgiving usually had a pie per person- there were  always mince and pumpkin pies for 
that holiday, besides the apple pies. One time it was 22 pies. She didn’t make funny cake, 
but I do and I love it. It’s a pie but you probably know that.
I don’t know how long ago your blog was with Barbara but please pass along my email to her.
Thank you for this great service.
PS - My Uncle Edgar Messerschmidt was the horse shoe maker and he shod horses at the 
Kutztown Festival for years.

Palm Beach

Hi Penelope,

Thanks for sharing your memories!  Due to a computer hard drive failure several years ago, I no longer have Barbara's email address, but I will post this. Perhaps she'll visit again and see it.


For those who are interested, the original post is at Pennsylvania Dutch Moshey Pie

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