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Wiener King Coney Dogs

Subject: Wiener King Coney Dogs
From: Karen
Date: 4/6/2020, 10:45 AM

On 4/6/2020 4:01 AM, Karen wrote: 

Every so often I search for Wiener King’s coney sauce recipe.(Wiener King was a 
fast food chain. Facebook shows one in Mansfield, OH. Not sure if it’s from the 
chain.) Never been able to find it. Have you ever seen it? Ours in Sioux Falls 
closed in the early 80’s, I think.  Thought they all went out of business.


Sioux Falls  SD

Hi Karen,

Well, there have been at least two, and maybe more, hot dog franchises and individual restaurants that used the name "Wiener King". There was even a lawsuit over use of the trademark between a "Wiener King Inc." based in New Jersey and a "Wiener King Corporation" based in North Carolina. I found a few mentions of the "Wiener King" in Sioux Falls and other South Dakota locations, but I found no indications of which company, if either, they were affiliated with. The Mansfield, OH  "Wiener King" started out as a franchise of one of the chains, but later became privately owned.

Be that as it may,  I could not find any coney sauce or chili sauce recipes from any "Wiener King" at all. Sorry.

I'll post this for reader input.


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