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Rich's Bake Shop Fruit Bars

Subject: Rich's fruit bars
From: Lauren
Date: 4/18/2019, 11:00 AM

On 4/17/2019 7:35 PM, Lauren wrote:

 Dear Uncle Phaedrus,

    I am searching for a recipe for Rich's Fruit Bars from Rich's Department Store in Atlanta, Georgia.   
Back in the seventies I used to visit my sister who lived in Decatur, Georgia, just outside Atlanta.  
Every visit she would get me some fruit bars from Rich's.  They looked like chocolate chip cookies 
(the dough did) except they had candied fruit pieces and chopped pecans, (I think they had pecans) 
in them instead of chocolate chips.  They were cut in square pieces, not round like cookies, and were 
rather flat like cookies. Any ideas?

Thank you.
Best regards,

Hi Lauren,

I have been on the constant lookout for Recipes from Rich's Bake Shop and Rich's Magnolia Room for twenty years, with very limited success. I have found only a few Rich's recipes and copycats.

The Rich's recipes that I have been able to find are listed and linked here:  Rich's Department Store

The last time that I looked for Rich's fruit bars was in 2013. See: 2-15-2013

I had no success then, and I had no success today. I suspect that the only way we are ever going to obtain any more of Rich's recipes is if a former employee of Rich's bake shop or Rich's Magnolia Room kitchen is able and willing to send them to me or to post them on the web.  There may have been a recipe manual for Rich's Bakeshop or Rich's Magnolia Room. If someone had one or both of those, and would be willing to scan them and send them to me, it would be fantastic.  There may be a copy of that book in someone's attic somewhere.

I will post this for reader input.


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