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Member's Mark Marinara Sauce

Subject: Sam's Club marinara sauce
From: Kristin
Date: 4/9/2020, 6:53 PM

On 4/9/2020 2:26 PM, Kristin wrote:

Hi uncle Phaedrus-

I hope this COVID 19 thing has not affected you very much.

Question- I think on "" users have been able to decipher the 
"real" brands behind the generic labels (as you probably already know, 
grocery stores such as Walmart, Safeway don't manufacture their own foods, 
they just re-brand certain ones under their own generic labels) here are 
some examples for you

I wonder if you know the brand behind Sam's Club's "Member's Mark Organic 
Marinara Sauce". My mother is expert in Italian food cooking and her lasagna 
is my favorite dish in the world, but Sam's Club's "Members Mark Organic 
Marinara Sauce" is out of this world. I promise this is no "advertising" 
for Sam's Club, I mean it- it's fabulous. I'm curious as to the real brand. 
I wonder if it could be "Rao's" brand, since it's also sold at Sam's Club?

Thank you- & visiting your site is so pleasant. I especially enjoyed the 
latest recipe for the LAUSD sweet rolls.


Hi Kristin,

I searched a long time with no success and was about to give up when I came across a website that apparently is all about this sort of thing: Panjiva

Searching for "Member's Mark" on that site, I get  77 entries, many from China and India. See: Panjiva: Member's Mark

Drilling down further and searching on "Member's Mark" + "sauce", I get this:

"Manufacturers of members mark sauce and Suppliers of members mark sauce:
La Doria SpA Via Nazionale 320
Angri, Italy
Tomato sauces members mark romano pasta sauce with ricotta&pecorino romano cheeses on 42 master carton p/o 4711750193 etd 24/12/2017 shipper declares..."

See: Panjiva: Member's Mark Sauce

It doesn't say "Member's Mark Organic Marinara Sauce", but it does say "tomato sauces" and "Romano pasta sauce" (also a Member's Mark sauce sold by Sam's Club), so it might be safe to assume that "La Doria SP A Via Nazionale" of Angri, Italy also makes "Member's Mark Organic Marinara Sauce". It's not a sure thing, but it's the only clue that I can find, so it seems to be a good educated guess.


Wow! That's awesome!!! That site is amazing. I never would have found that. 
This indeed answers my query for sure. It doesn't exactly state which brand the
Member's Mark marinara sauce is, but it pretty much gives us the tools to figure 
it out, just as good. Thank you, thank you very much. Blessings to you and all. 

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