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Melted Butter Buttermilk Scones

Subject: Re: scone recipe with melted butter
From: Heidi
Phaedrus <>
Date: 5/4/2019, 9:45 AM

On 5/4/2019 7:40 AM, Heidi wrote:


We recently moved, and in all the chaos, I lost some of my recipe cards.  
The most valued recipe was for scones.  This recipe was very unusual in that 
it calls for melted butter, not cold butter, and the batter is not at all 
like a biscuit. However, the texture is still very light and fluffy.  
The recipe also called for buttermilk, eggs, flour, currants, etc.

I would be so happy if you could find it for me!!!

Thank you so much!


Hello Heidi,

Searching for scone recipes that call for melted butter, buttermilk, egg, flour, and currants actually gives quite a few results. Therefore, it is necessary to narrow them down by eliminating the ones that do not quite fit your description.

Many of the recipes that I found merely call for melted butter to brush the top of the scones. From your email, it appears that the melted butter in your recipe  actually goes into the batter, so I eliminated the ones with butter brushed tops only.

You do not mention any sort of flavoring such as lemon or fruit, so I then eliminated that type of scone from the search.

Below are links to four recipes that fit your description. Without some sort of unique identifier, I cannot narrow it down any further. Also, these four are not exhaustive of such recipes as are found on the web, but as they are very similar to each other, I saw little need to continue gathering more without additional information to distinguish a particular recipe from the others. I hope one of these is satisfactory.

Genius Kitchen

Martha Stewart

Ancestors in Aprons

Cook Like Your Grandmother



You are amazing!  I did my own internet search before contacting you, and didn't turn 
up any of these!  In fact, the one from Martha Stewart, of all places, looks as if its 
the one! (I'm sure I had the recipe before Martha Stewart was around.)  I can't wait 
to try all 4 of the recipes.

As I'm sure you heard many times, this recipe had been a tradition in my family and had 
great emotional significance.  I was mourning its loss!

Thank you so much!!!


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