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Today's Case

On Not Sharing Recipes

Hi Folks,

I feel the need to post about something that has occured several times recently.

I get emails sometimes from people who say: "I have the recipe that "SoandSo" requested. Send me her email address and I will send it to her."

I write them back and say: "Send it to me and I will send it to her."

They reply: "I want to send it to her directly. I don't want it made public."

Well, sorry, no can do. I can't start just connecting people and leaving myself out of the loop. That's not what my site is about. Some people don't want to share recipes from the past, from restaurants that no longer exist. Then they see a request on my site and they think it would be ok to share the recipe with just that one person, but not with the public. Well, I think that's wrong to begin with. How many desirable recipes are languishing in a file cabinet or in a drawer or in a box in someone's closet or attic? Thousands, I think. What good are those recipes doing anyone? Someday those recipes will vanish forever when someone cleans out that closet or attic.

Save yourself the effort and don't ask me to do this. Find it in your heart to share the recipe with me so I can share it with everyone who is looking for the recipe, not just the one person. If you do so, and request that I not reveal where I got the recipe, then I won't post anything regarding your identity.

Also, if after you send me the recipe and I forward it to "her", then "she" wants to contact you, then I will connect the two of you.


Please sign your real first name to all recipe requests.

Please don't type in all capital letters.

If you have more than one request, please send them in separate e-mails.

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