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Tastee Freez Big T Burger

Subject: Big T Burger
From: Sam
Date: 5/07/2019, 10:00 AM

On 5/07/2019 1:19 PM, Sam wrote:

We moved recently, and there is no Tastee Freez anywhere near us now. I really miss Tastee Freez,
especially their Big T Burger. Can you help with a recipe so I can make them at home?


Hi Sam,

When I was a kid, it seemed that every town had a Dairy Queen and/or a Tastee Freez. My favorite sandwich at Tastee Freez was their "Steak Sandwich", which was basically a thin battered and fried piece of tenderized steak, sort of like "chicken fried steak" on a big bun with mayo, lettuce and tomato. Haven't had one of those in years.

These days, most towns have a Dairy Queen, but it's rare to see a Tastee Freez these days.

I found a sort of recipe on a message board at: RecipeLink

To wit:

The main two secrets are the 'mix' and the dressing. The mix is made using equal amounts of mustard and ketsup. Our Tastee Freeze used Kesterson products, including the 100 percent frozen beef patties. Kesterson is a restaurant supply in Paris, TN. The dressing is Thousand Island dressing. Start assembling the burger in this order: Bottom bun, lettuce, tomato, 'mix,' grilled burger patty, second bun, slice of cheese, Thousand Island dressing, second burger, top sesame seed bun. I think the secret is the mixing of equal parts of mustard and ketsup.


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