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Valley Ranch BBQ

Subject: Valley Ranch Barbecue
From: Mark
5/7/2020, 4:06 PM

On 5/6/2020 8:12 PM, Mark wrote:

Hi Uncle Phaedrus!

Love your site. There was a big BBQ chain in Southern California called Love’s Barbecue, 
I’m sure you know about. I grew up in SoCal, and loved eating there. After Love’s closed, 
one of the original partners of Dick Love had a restaurant called Valley Ranch Barbecue. 
It was on Sherman Way in Van Nuys, and was there for many years, and was wonderful. It 
had the same proprietary recipes and same basic menu as Love’s.

Both restaurants were famous for their BBQ beans and BBQ sauce. If you look online for 
recipes/knockoff recipes, they are all pretty bad and few even close. Ha, ha — just 
looked online and saw folks were already asking you about those recipes, but the results 
were still not the real thing.

I am a French trained chef with over thirty years of professional experience, and have 
come very close to reproducing the original recipes on my own, but just wanted to see 
if you have had any more recent, more authentic recipe discoveries. Those real recipes 
must be written down somewhere, right? Grrrrr….



Hi Mark,

Thanks for writing.

I could not find much about Valley Ranch Barbecue, just a handful of reviews and closure notices on Yelp and the like. All of the posts that I have about Love's BBQ are linked on this page, and the only recipe for the sauce that I have found is on this page: Love's BBQ

I appreciate your offer of assistance. The best way that you could help would be for you to look back through past requests on my site that I was not able to find and choose any of those that you can help with. I'm afraid there is no way to find the Southern California requests by location except to use the Google search box at the top of every page and just to type in "California" or a city name.


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