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Franco American Spaghetti Sauce

Subject: Franco American Spaghetti Sauce
From: Randy
Date: 5/23/2019, 2:04 PM

Dear Uncle Phaedrus,
For more years that I care to count, I have been searching for a copycat recipe for the above. 
I do have a lot of hours invested in trying to find the recipe. I am pretty sure one just 
doesn't exist, however you are the guy with the Sherlock Holmes hat, so my trust is in you. 
The sauce was readily available in just about any grocery store in the 1950's and 60's, and 
maybe later as I am not sure when it was discontinued.. I believe it was something like a 
15 oz can, with a red and yellow label.  Just about all the recipes I have found are for 
Spaghetti O's. Not even close to what I am looking for. This was just the sauce by itself. 
There were actually two ( that I know of) versions. One was meat flavored and the other was 
with mushrooms. Uncle, any help would be  appreciated. Thanks for all you do.

Hello Randy,

I'd have to agree with you that probably no copycat recipe exists for Franco American Spaghetti Sauce. I can find no mention of either a copycat or a "tastes-like" recipe. The links that I found to sites that claim to have the recipe lead to malware sites.

I imagine that a few attempts have been made with probably no successes. It's often quite difficult to duplicate a commercial product of any kind. It doesn't appear that even Gloria Pitzer had a recipe.

I'll post this for reader input.


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