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Julia Childs' Bombe aux Trois Chocolats

Subject: Julia Child's Bombe aux Trois Chocolats
From: Virginia
Date: 6/7/2019, 9:27 AM

On 6/7/2019 4:12 AM, Virginia wrote:

Dear Uncle,

I love your website of course, and youíve helped me before. I check into it weekly 
and so enjoy reading the site. Thank you.

I am searching for a particular chocolate bombe recipe. I checked your pages, but 
I could not find the one I wanted. Itís VERY chocolatey, and I got it years ago 
from a paperback Julia Child cookbook. (I think the cover was primarily red.) 
There was a three chocolate bombe, but the name of the recipe was in Frenchó
something like Bombe au Trois Chocolat. The center of the dessert was a chocolate 
mousse. The mousse was covered with a brownie layer. (I think J. Child gave credit 
to a 12-year-old girl for developing that part of the recipe.) The concoction was 
covered in a melted chocolate of some sort. Iíve lost my copy of the recipe, but 
would very much like to make it for a chocolatophile friend. 
Can you help me once again?

I hope youíre having a lovely June.


Hi Virginia,

I had no difficulty finding the recipe for Julia Child's Bombe aux Trois Chocolats in several places on the web. See these sites:

This appears to be a scan of the actual recipe from Julia's "Menu Cookbook":

Julia Childs' Menu Cookbook

The recipe is also on these sites:

Finer Kitchens

Laugh Cook Love



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