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Today's Case:

Angelo's Spaghetti House, Toledo, OH

Subject: Angelos Spaghetti House on Stickney in Toledo Ohio
From: Jim
Date: 6/10/2019, 2:57 PM

On 6/10/2019 1:18 PM, Jim wrote:

Is it possible to get the recipe for the spaghetti / with meat sauce from Angelo's 
on Stickney in Toledo from the 60's / 70's ?
The best ever and nobody has sent it since they closed. I have been told the family 
won't publish the secret recipe

Thank You

Hello Jim,

Sorry, I had no success with this. All that I could find were a few brief mentions of Angelo's Spaghetti House and this photo: Pinterest

A few years ago, I searched for the pizza dough recipe from this restaurant, also with no success:  5-21-2010

I'll post this for reader input.


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