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Today's Case:

Peaches or Mangoes?

Subject: Peaches or Mango's
From: Doug
Date: 6/15/2019, 5:11 AM

On 6/15/2019 12:15 AM, Doug wrote:

Good Morning Uncle Phaedrus, where I live we have no fresh peaches only canned, 
but a lot of fresh mango's Some of the recipes call for fresh peaches! Could I 
use mango's instead of peaches in pie recipes or would they be to mushy? 
From the Philippines once again 

Hello Doug,

Everything that I read, including David Joachim's "The Food Substitutions Bible", says you should have no problem if you substitute fresh mangoes for fresh peaches. A slight difference in taste, of course, and mangoes can be a bit sweeter than the peaches you are used to. However, rather than using a peach pie recipe and substituting mangoes, why not just use a mango pie recipe? Takes any guesswork out of the equation. See: Mango Pie


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