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George's Bakery Lemon Snow Cake

Subject: George's Lemon Snow Cake
From: Billie
Date: 6/8/2020, 7:01 AM

On 6/7/2020 7:53 PM, Billie wrote:

Another stab at satisfaction --- George's Wonderful World of Cakes in National City, Calif., 
used to make a delightful Lemon Snow Cake. The Seventh-day Adventist bakery is now out of 

Three layers of an exceptionally fine-crumbed cake with lemon custard in between, dusted 
with fine coconut flakes.

A former owner now operates "George's Little Bakery" in Bonita, Calif., not far away from 
National City's original site, with a few tasty offerings. I emailed them using their site 
contact but it bounced and said that contact is not valid. Will try some more, but hoping 
you can help.

I did find a reverse-engineered website offering this recipe and printed it out a few years 
ago, but in late April this year we suffered a house fire and that pile of papers was 
destroyed. Hoping you can help.


Hi Billie,

Of course, I had no success finding George's actual recipe for Lemon Snow Cake. That's not surprising - bakery recipes are quite problematic(as much so as bottled sauces recipes.). One never sees them on the web. Bakeries just don't give out their recipes.

"Little George's Bakery" has a website at:  Little George's Bakery 

and a Facebook page at: Little George's Bakery Facebook Page

Oddly, I found their e-mail address expressed differently on those two sites. On their website, it is expressed as:  "", whereas on their Facebook page, it is expressed as:  "". Note the difference in capitalization. Some e-mail clients are quite picky, and if you used the first address, with the capitalizations, that may be why your e-mail to them was bounced back. Perhaps you should try again, using the all lower-case e-mail. You could also post on their Facebook page or direct message them on their Facebook page. You can also phone them at: (619) 477-9369.  In trying to contact them, I trust that you aren't expecting them to give you the recipe for the cake. That would be highly unlikely.

While I did not find the bakery's recipe for the cake, I did find a blogger's attempt to recreate the cake. Her attempt is here: Lil Ms Sue Shine   Her recipe might be worth a try.


Unc, you are super-duper! That is the exact recipe I had printed out before our house fire -- 
the blogger recreating the cake! Thanks! I am 61 years old but it makes me feel a little more 
secure and pleased to know you and your website exists in this nutty world. A treasure trove! 
A welcome respite of a rabbit hole!


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