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Today's Case:

Red Velvet Lava Cake

Subject: Recipe for Red Velvet Lava Cake Please
From: Francine
Date: 6/28/2019, 6:50 PM

On 6/28/2019 2:12 PM, Francine wrote:

Hi Phaed,†

I hope youíre having a great summer! I have another recipe request if you donít mind.

There is a restaurant called Sweet Tomatoes/Soup Plantation (it has a different name 
depending on the region, but itís the same†company.)

They have a Red Velvet Lava Cake that they serve very rarely and Iíve looked online 
and canít find the recipe anywhere, Iíd love it if you could search and see if you 
can find it. †

Here is a photo.†

Thank you so much!

Take care,

Hi Francine,

Well, I get a lot of "hits" when I search for Souplantation/Sweet Tomatoes "Red Velvet Lava Cake", but almost all of them fall into these categories:

1) Reviews and raves about the actual dish with no recipes.

2) Pinterest pages with no recipes, copycats or links to any recipes.

3) Malware sites. There are no recipes at these destinations. They put the popular search terms "Souplantation Red Velvet Lava Cake recipe"†and "Sweet Tomatoes Red Velvet Lava Cake recipe" on a page as bait, and then when you go there, the page automatically attempts to install malware on your computer or phone. They don't have the recipe.

I looked at dozens of these pages. No one has the recipe and it seems no one has been able to create a copycat that was worth labeling as such. I didn't even find a recipe that anyone deemed worthy of saying that it "tastes-like" the restaurant dish.

There are dozens of recipes called "Red Velvet Lava Cake" or "Red Velvet Molten Lava Cake". However, none of them claims to taste like the restaurant dish and all that I saw were for making individual cakes with a "lava" filling. None were like the photos that are labelled as being the Souplantation or Sweet Tomatoes dish, which appear to be simply a flat piece of cake with sauce(presumably cream cheese sauce) poured over it like this: Souplantation on Facebook, or a sort of formless glob like this: Zmenu Souplantation Alhambra
Although I am sure that they are delicious, neither photo looks like the photos of lava cakes that I found on the web or the lava cakes that I am familiar with.

There is an example of the kind of recipe that I found here:† Red Velvet Lava Cake Recipe

I'll post this for reader input. Maybe someone can contribute.


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