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McNess Lemon Pie & Pudding Mix

Subject: Lemon pie
From: Rhonda
Date: 7/3/2020, 3:39 PM

On 7/3/2020 2:27 PM, Rhonda wrote:

Just looked at your website. I have a can of the McNess lemon pudding and pie mix. 
The recipe on the side tells you how to mix milk, sugar in a sauce pan with water 
and two of the lemon oil capsules. There are about 10 capsules in a paper envelope 
inside the pudding mix. The recipe does not say how much of the dry powder to use. 
Not very helpful.


Hello Rhonda,

Well, the only thing that I can find that gives instructions on how to use McNess Pudding and Pie Filling Mix is photos of a can of it that is for sale on E-Bay.  I have attached a photo of the recipe on that can. It is quite different from the one that you describe. It says to use 1 lemon capsule, not two, and it calls for 1/2 cup lemon flavored dessert mixture.

See: EBay

But Rhonda, how old is your can of mix? McNess no longer sells this type of product and has not sold it in over 20 years. That would be well past any "use by" date. I wouldn't use it if I were you.

I'll post this for reader input, but I don't think you should use that mix.


I read the instructions wrong. It did say 1/2 cup and two pills. I thought ‘mix’ said ‘milk’ !!!

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