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Machus or Hudson's Chicken Pot Pie

On 6/29/2018 10:06 AM, Michael wrote:

 Iím struggling to find a replacement for Hudsons or Machus chicken pot pie.

 Now where to I buy the pie crusts?

 And what about the gravy that goes over the top?

Hello Michael,

I cannot find any mention at all of the chicken pot pie from Machus. The only recipe for Hudson's chicken pot pie that I can find is the one that I posted previously at:† 10-15-10

That recipe doesn't say anything about the pie crust except to use prepackaged unbaked pie shells. As far as I know, Hudson's used those. I find nothing about them making their own pie shells. Try Pet-Ritz.

As for the gravy, that recipe tells how to make the gravy that's poured over the chicken. If you are saying Hudson's used a different gravy to pour over the cooked pie before serving, then I can find nothing about that.

Have you tried using the posted recipe?


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