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Swiss Colony Incredible Spreadable Garden Vegetable Spread

On 6/27/2018 5:05 PM, Darlene wrote:

Would love to find recipe for the Incredible Spreadable Garden Vegetable spread 
from Swiss Colony. There are so many vegetable dips/spreads - but Swiss Colony 
has a unique flavor. The ingredients list shows cream cheese, salad dressing, 
carrots, bell peppers, celery, green onion, onion and garlic powder, dill weed.

Thanks so much!

Hi Darlene,

Sorry, I could not find a recipe, a copycat, or a "tastes-like" recipe for this. A company like Swiss Colony would never give out their actual recipe, and apparently no one has been able to create a "copycat" or a "tastes-like" recipe.

You might try beginning with a recipe like this one: Garden Vegetable Spread  and then omit ingredients that are not on your list and add ingredients that are on your list but not in this recipe until you come up with a "tastes-like."  No guarantees. There is no telling what artificial flavorings might be in a commercial product like that.  I'd speculate that the "salad dressing" on your ingredient list is probably something like "Miracle Whip."

I'm afraid that's the best I can offer you, but I'll post this for reader input.


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