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Copy Me That

Subject: Copy Me That
From: Jan
Date: 7/25/2020, 9:02 AM

On 7/25/2020 12:17 AM, Jan wrote:

 You helped me find a recipe and thanks for that.† I saw someone asking about 
organizing recipes in an app.† I donít think this app comes anywhere near what 
he was looking for but to borrow a clichť I think itís the best thing since 
sliced bread.†It is called ďCopy Me ThatĒ and it is free to use.†Imagine that.† 
It does have a paid plan that includes extra features but I think most people 
could get by very well on the free option.† I absolutely love it and have been 
able to stop doing a copy and paste of recipes and putting them into folders.† 
I just canít say enough good things about it.† I had looked at some other 
methods which were expensive and didnít seem to do a very good job.† I just 
lucked onto this and Iím so happy I did.† Maybe it can help others as much as 
it has helped me.


Hi Jan,

Ok, thanks for the tip. "Copy Me That" can be downloaded to an android phone, an iphone, or to your computer. Download sites:

Main Site: Copy Me That

Google Play

Chrome Attachment




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