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Morrison's Fruit and Nut Cake

On 7/23/2018 4:58 AM, Courtland wrote:

 Hello Uncle Phaedrus!

 I worked in Morrison’s stockroom (86-91).  I used to have a recipe book, 1990 I think, 
but it was ruined by a careless roommate about 25 years ago.  Anyway, I used to put together 
the ingredients for an item called Fruit & Nut Cake...or perhaps it was Fruit & Nut Pie.  
It was basically the chocolate cake mix but it got  mixed up with the leftover remnants of 
fruit pies and cobblers. I think we even sent out any beat-up looking slices of pecan pie. 
But there were other ingredients as well – cherries, or a #10 can of peaches or something, 
I just can’t remember.  Any chance you might have the recipe for this thing? It sounds weird 
but it was actually rather tasty.

 Thank you SO much for your website. I’m so happy to finally have some of these recipes again!


Hello  Courtland,

There is nothing like your description in my copy of the Morrison's recipe manual, so I asked my friend Jim, who was a Morrison's manager at the time they closed and who has one of the latest Morrison's kitchen manuals. This is his reply:

This is a classic example of a manager  using up leftover ingredients to cut food costs. There 
is nothing like it in the manual and wouldn't be because the ingredients wouldn't always be 
available. Sorry!



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