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Silver Dollar Pancakes

Subject: Recipe Request for Silver Dollar Pancakes
From: Kimberly>
Date: 8/4/2020, 8:36 AM

On 8/3/2020 7:11 PM, Kimberly wrote:

Hi Phaedrus,
My name is Kimberly and I live in Southern Illinois but I was born and raised 
in Chicago, Illinois and lived the first twenty-seven years of my life there. 
I attended Chicago Vocational High School back in 1984, it has since then been 
renamed Chicago Vocational Career Academy High School. 
While there I took a course in Food Service for a home economics class. The 
first thing the instructor taught my class how to make was Silver Dollar Pancakes. 
They were some the softest, fluffiest, best tasting pancakes I have ever eaten. 
My mother liked them so much that she would have me to make them for her all the 
time. I used to have the recipe but it was lost many many years ago and I have 
been on the hunt for years trying to find it or at least something close or better 
ever since. I don't know if the recipe was an original or if the instructor procured 
it from a recipe book. I hope you can find it (you are simply amazing at finding 
lost recipes) like you did for me thrice before over the years when I asked you to 
find the beloved Chicago Public School's Butter Cookie, Chicago Public School's 
Peanut Butter Cookie, and Chicago Southside Mild Sauce recipes. 

Hi Kimberly,

I'm afraid that I must disappoint you this time. There are several "silver dollar pancakes" recipes on the web, but I cannot find any that have a connection to "Chicago Vocational High School" or "Chicago Vocational Career Academy High School". If you can track down one of your classmates from the 80s, that might be on option if they saved the recipe.

I hesitate to send you any other silver dollar pancake recipes because I have no way to determine whether they might be similar to the recipe you asked for.  However, if you want to try some other recipes, try these:

Cooking on Page 32

Chef Druck

James Beard


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