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McKinnon's Cowboy Marinade

On 7/30/2018 1:06 PM, Gary wrote:

Any thoughts on the basic ingredients for McKinnon’s Cowboy Marinade?  If you’ve never tasted it, 
the flavors are amazing. Have only used it on steaks, but will try on wings. Flavor is subtle.


Hello Gary,

I wish that I had some helpful thoughts to offer you about this marinade, but I had not heard of it before your email, and I could find almost nothing about it on the web.

There is  bit of discussion about it here: Discuss Cooking

McKinnon's talks about their "Original Marinade" here: McKinnon's Markets
I don't know if the "original" and the "cowboy" are the same. I could not find a list of ingredients for either. The "original" is for sale on that page.

McKinnon's has some marinade recipes here: McKinnon's Markets Recipes
Type "marinade" in the search box and click on the magnifying glass.

Since I have never tried this marinade, I have no idea what the ingredients might be. There are several "cowboy marinade" recipes on the Internet, but there is little consistency between them.

I'll post this for reader input.

I live a short distance from Portsmouth, NH. Perhaps I'll be going that way soon, and I'll make it a point to stop at McKinnon's and get a bottle or two of marinade and try it.


Thank you. If you’ve never been to McKinnon’s, lock up your credit card before you go. 
Flap steak (tips) in cowboy marinade, Sicilian pork sausage, the bottled marinades and 
tons of other mouth watering stuff. Every hot dog sublime that Kayem makes and on and 
on. The marinade label includes oleoresin paprika, lemon juice, xanthan for body and 
the usual suspects. Lots of salt and pepper. It is terrific for beef. Used it in drums 
tonight, was good. But I had a strip in it last night and it was excellent.


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