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Van de Kamp Cake Roses

Subject: Van de Kamp cake roses
From: Karen
Date: 8/4/2020, 6:54 PM

On 8/4/2020 5:42 PM, Karen wrote:

I am looking for the delicious roses that were are the cakes. 
These cakes were a big part of my childhood.

If you happen to find this recipe I would be happy to have it.

Thank you for working on this. Itís a true trip down memory lane


Hi Karen,

I cannot find any solid, authentic information about this. Van de Kamp's recipes vanished when the company was sold. I searched for the cake roses previously in 2017: 01-27-2017

The question was asked on Yahoo, and the response was this: Yahoo Answers
They were roses made from meringue. While I do not nor have I ever made that particular type of meringue . There are recipes for it on line . If you look up Italian or French meringue's you should find one .

However, we don't know whether the person responding was someone who would really know or if he was just guessing.

I also found this statement on Google, describing the "World's Largest Birthday Cake":

Each tier features clusters of large gumpaste roses and tiny blossoms. ... 1962 The cake was mixed and baked by Van de Kamp's Holland Dutch Bakers, Seattle.

"Gum paste" or "gumpaste" is similar to fondant, and is used to make flower decorations. See these sites for information about gum paste:

Difference between rolled fondant and gum paste

How to make gum paste roses

Homemade gum paste recipe

I'm afraid this is the best that I can do, Karen. There is no certainty to either of these choices, but the gum paste seems like a good bet.


Wow, thank you for the time you put into this. I will look at all of it.


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