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Morrison's Cafeteria Crab Cakes

Jeffrey sent a scan of the recipe for Morrison's Crab Cakes, a previous request. I have omitted some extraneous text about receiving and storing fresh crabmeat, but the core recipe is below.

This is a Food Service recipe and makes 54 crab cakes. You will have to figure out how to cut the recipe down for home use.

You might be mystified by the temperatures given. They all appear to be Fahrenheit, but they have "PC" or "PS" or "PC/PS" after them, and in one case, a deep-frying temperature has "U" after it and then "to a minimum if 170 degrees "Tf". I have no idea what these abbreviations mean. I could not find an explanation on the web. Your guess is as good as mine.

Also, look at step #8. The recipe first lists the ingredient "Crab meat(fresh) - 5 lbs", then it goes to step #8, which says:
"8. Cool in shallow pans with a depth not to exceed 2 inches, or by approved method. Product temperature must reach 40 degrees PC in less than 4 hours."

Cool what to 40 degrees in shallow pans? The crab meat? No! The crab meat is already cooler than 40 degrees - It's stored at less than 38 degrees. So it must mean "cool the cooked mixture from step #7 in shallow pans..." Then go on to step #9.


Morrison's Crab Cakes 
(Yield: 54 patties)

Day Before:

Oleo			3 lbs
Bell Pepper, diced	12 ozs
Onion, diced		12 ozs
Celery, diced		 4 ozs

1. Thoroughly wash all produce before preparation.
2. Melt oleo in large pot over medium heat.
3. Add peppers, onions, and celery to oleo.

Flour			2 1/2 lbs
Pimentos		1 15 oz can
Dry mustard		2 2/3 ozs
Lea & Perrins sauce	6 ozs

4. Saute vegetables until tender.
5. Add flour to the above mixture; mix to a roux
   and cook for 10 minutes, stirring constantly.
6. Add pimentos, mustard, and Worcestershire. Mix.

Milk			14 ozs.
Shrimp stock		 5 1/2 qts

7. Combine and heat milk and shrimp stock. Add to the 
   above. Continue to cook and stir until smooth. 
   (Approximately 15 minutes) 140 degrees PC

Crab meat(fresh)	5 lbs (Fresh crab meat is stored at 38 degrees or lower)

8. Cool in shallow pans with a depth not to exceed 
   2 inches, or by approved method. Product temperature 
   must reach 40 degrees PC in less than 4 hours.	
9. When mixture cools, break up chilled fresh crab meat.
   Pick for shells. Mix crab meat into mixture. 55 degrees 
   PS/PC maximum.
10. Cover and store the above mixture at 38 degrees PC in 
    a refrigerated unit overnight.

Day Of:

11. Remove mixture from cooler and scoop out 5 oz patties.
12. Place flour in a #200 pan (2" deep)

Egg wash ingredients:

Milk			1/2 gallon
Fresh eggs		6 each
Crushed crackers	4 lbs

Mix eggs and milk in a separate pan. Maintain mixture 
temperature of 40 degrees PC or lower. 
13. Place crackers in a #200 pan.
14. Dip patties in the flour, then dip in the egg wash
    and finally into the crushed crackers gently.    
15. Deep fry at 340 degrees U to a minimum of 170 degrees Tf.

16. Hot hold and serve at 150 degrees PC minimum serving


Patties must be kept at 40 degrees PC or below or they will not 
stay firm.

This mixture is a very thick roux. There is a tendency for cooks
to add more water to thin it down. If you do, it will become too 
loose and will not stand up properly.

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