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Weaver's Batter Dipped Fried Chicken

On 8/7/2018 2:06 PM, Deb wrote:

Hi, I am looking for a recipe for Battered fried chicken, like Weaver Chicken used to sell.  
I always preferred the wings, but would buy the pieces, if wings weren't available.


Gorton Fish still batters fish - it's like that.  A little puffy not a hard crust.

I have found recipes for beer battered, they don't look the same and Weaver didn't use 
beer in theirs.

Can you help?

Thank you in advance,


Hi Deb,

I have never had Weaver's batter-dipped fried chicken as far as I know. Since I have not, then I have no way to know if a recipe might be similar unless it specifically says so.

This was a commercial product, sold frozen by Weaver, which is a subsidiary of Tyson foods. They no longer sell the batter-dipped fried chicken, just breaded patties and strips and the like. See: Weaver's Chicken Website

Since it was a commercial product, they almost certainly used a commercially-made batter of their own devising, so the actual recipe would not be available or usable.

I had no success finding a copycat recipe or a "tastes-like" recipe for the Weaver product.

There are a lot of recipes for batter-fried or "battered fried" chicken. Not all of them call for beer.  Many use milk or buttermilk.  Since I've never had Weaver's chicken, I could not make a recommendation. You'd have to just keep trying recipes until you found one that was similar. There is an example below.

There is a lot of discussion about this chicken on the web, but no one has come up with a recipe. See:

Cycling Forum

Weaver's Chicken Facebook Page


Batter Dipped Fried Chicken

1 egg
1/4 c. milk
1/2 tsp. salt
Dash of pepper
1/4 c. plain flour
Chicken pieces
1/2 c. cooking oil

Mix egg, milk, salt, pepper and flour well. Take skin from chicken and dip 
each piece in mixture then roll in plain flour and cook slowly in preheated 
skillet. Cook in oil until golden brown.

Or, leave the skin on. I happen to like crispy battered fried chicken skin.

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