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White or Clear County Fair Taco Sauce

On 8/7/2018 2:45 PM, daniel wrote:


I'm 51, from a small town about an hour east of St. Louis.  I remember when I was a 
young kid, as does my mother now in her 80's, the local county fair always had a 
Mexican food vendor working out of a mobile trailer.  Back then there wasn't any 
ethnic food in the area save for when the fair came around each year.  But, what I 
remember about the Mexican mobile vendor was they had a white (clear) taco sauce 
that was awesome.  This was not in any way creamed or like the modern fish taco 
sauces, it was for illustration purposes a Pace Picante sauce but white or clear. 
I remember the chopped onions, but I can't imagine now how they pulled it off. 
It was so good.  It kicked at first but then had a diminishing and pleasurable 
after burn. 

I have looked everywhere on the internet as has my secretary, unable to find 
anything close to what I remember.  It is all creamed crap made with Miracle Whip.  
Any thoughts?

Hello Dan,

I had zero success finding anything like your description. As you say, they all seem to be tomatoey(Is that a word?) or creamy. The type of sauce you describe probably has a name, and if we had that name, we could probably find it. But without that or more information about it, I have no ideas.

I'll post this. Maybe one of my readers can help.


Subject: Dan on )8/17/2018
From: bryan 
Date: 4/19/2019, 10:15 AM

Bryan: This was probably a variation of a Salsa Verde. I get this at Mexican places 
because most of the time they put no cilantro in it. 

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