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JJ Newberry's Mexican Hamburger

Subject: Newberry's Mexican Hamburger
From: Keith
Date: 8/27/2019, 11:54 AM

On 8/26/2019 8:52 PM, Keith wrote:

Hello Uncle Phaedrus,
I’m the Weeping Tea Cakes man from May, and I’m disappointed that no one has 
solved the dilemma.  But they still might.
I have another recipe I’m looking for:  J. J. Newberry’s Mexican Hamburgers.

Our J. J. Newberry’s (locally called The Dime Store) had a lunch counter a mile long, 
and it did a roaring business.  They served what they called a Mexican Hamburger.  
It is like a Sloppy Joe, but not the same, not as elaborate.  They served them just 
on a white hamburger bun with cole slaw, a couple of dill pickle slices on the side, 
and Lay’s potato chips.  They were absolutely wonderful, and I would love to be able 
to replicate them.

As always, any help you can provide is very much appreciated.  God bless!!

Glasgow, Kentucky  

Hello Keith,

Well, Newberry's was a national chain, but according to this site: Joy's Blog, the Newberry's in Glasgow, Kentucky is the ONLY Newberry's that served those "Mexican Hamburgers". Since that greatly reduces the number of people who would have ever known the recipe, then it even more greatly reduces the chances of finding the recipe now.

"The Bar-B-Que Pit" in Cave City, Kentucky advertises on their Facebook page that they have the recipe and that they serve the same Mexican Hamburgers. See: The Bar-B-Que Pit

They say:  They are a simple loose meat hamburger with just a little spice, no onions or peppers, again made exactly like they did back when I was a kid at the Newberry store that used to be around the square in Glasgow!

Since you live in Glasgow, which is only a short drive from Cave City, you might go to "The Bar-B-Que Pit" and try one to see if it tastes the same. While there, you could ask about the recipe. They might part with it. If the restaurant is closed, you might find out the owner's name and contact him directly about the recipe.


Hello Phaed,

Thank you very kindly for the great information.  I didn’t know that the Glasgow Newberry’s 
was the only one that served the Mexican Hamburger, but I’m glad to know now.

I’ll call the Bar-B-Que Pit and ask for the recipe.  All they can do is say no.

I sure do appreciate the timely answer and your great help.  God bless!!


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