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Particular Cheese and Tomato Pie

On 8/28/2018 10:05 PM, Bonnie wrote:

Growing up in the '70's, I had a favorite meal mom would make. She always simply 
called it "cheese & tomato pie".The cheese that I remember it requiring was the 
foil-wrapped triangles, packed in a wheel shaped tray. Pretty sure this was long 
before Laughing Cow-brand, but no one I ask can remember the brand. There were 
also sliced tomatoes, and lots of oregano. And, it was more of a pizza-pie style. 
Not at all sure of the crust, but I think more of a flaky texture. I have been 
yearning for this recipe for many years, but alas, no luck. Mom's not around 
anymore, nor was she one to save recipes she'd perfected.

I came across your posting while searching for another long-lost favorite, Mr. Steak' 
Continental Burger. I can hardly wait to test other recipes I've just come across. 
Thanks for all your work for us food-lovers.

Hello Bonnie,

Where did your mom live/grow up? Was she Italian? "Tomato pie", often with cheese as well, is a thing in the Northeast. "Cheese and tomato pie" is a thing in the Southern US. Recipes vary a lot, particularly in the spices used and in the kind of cheese used. Cheddar and mozzarella seem to be used most often.

"Laughing Cow" has been around a lot longer than you think, much longer than since the 1970s.  The Laughing Cow spreadable cheese product was made in France as long ago as 1859, and as a company it was founded in 1921. See: The Laughing Cow

There are other cheeses that are sold in wheels of small foil-wrapped wedges, most notably brie. See the images here: Cheeses Sold in Triangles

There are dozens of cheese tomato pie recipes, some with oregano, some with basil or other spices and with several different cheeses, but I could not find one that specifically called for a brand of cheese sold in foil-wrapped wedges.


On 9/1/2018 9:26 PM, Bonnie wrote:

My mother grew up in Lancaster County, PA. That's where we were living in '70's. I am certain 
that it was not brie. The cheese she purchased at a typical grocery chain, Pantry Pride. I 
clearly remember her shopping, in preparation of making this pie. Yes, it did have oregano and 
basil. Can not remember other ingredients any better. It definitely had more of an Italian flavor; 
not necessarily a Southern flavor.

Hello Bonnie,

This recipe has both oregano and basil, and it is an Amish recipe from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania:

Amish Tomato Pie


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