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Turmeric and Lime Soup

Subject: Lost Recipe
From: Sue
Date: 8/29/2019, 5:12 AM

Dear Uncle Phaedrus

Its been a very long time since I contacted you, possibly not since 2004!

Please could you see if you can find a recipe Spicy Turmeric and Lime soup 
possibly with coconut milk.

I would love to know what spices are used as in the recipe I had the spices 
are made into a paste and gently heated.

Many thanks

Sue  (from sunny South Africa)

Hi Sue,

Where did you get the recipe that you had?

Did the soup contain carrots or chicken or noodles or anything else that you haven't mentioned?


On 8/29/2019 6:51 AM, Sue wrote:

Wow!  That was a quick response.  The recipe was given to me on a 
scrap of paper and she had only managed to get some of the info 
from a cook at a restaurant.  I think the most important part are 
the spicy and turmeric.  She said it was sort of creamy and served 
with a prawn floating in it!



What was the name of the restaurant and in what city was it located? Without that, I cannot track down a particular recipe from a particular restaurant. All of the turmeric and lime soup recipes that I can find have chickpeas or carrots or chicken or noodles.


Hi Phaed

I think it is called Abingdon Wine Estate, on the Midlands Meander in KZN.

Hi Sue,

Sorry, I can't find any mention of this particular soup. Abingdon Wine Estate's menu is here: There is no turmeric and lime soup listed on that particular menu.

Abingdon Estate has a Facebook page here: You might try posting a request there.


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