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Meat Pie Spices

Subject: Meat spices
From: Pat
Date: 8/18/2020, 7:49 PM

Old fashion meat pies and sausage rolls used a much different spice 
than todays bland pies. I have tried to recreate that taste from the 
50's and 60's with no luck. These were straight meat either beef or 
pork or a mix of the two, there were no carrots or potatoes in them 
just meat.  You can't buy these meat pies or sausage rolls today I 
have searched and bought many disappointments.  i know there isn't 
much information here but I thought you might be able to help.

These were sold in grocery stores like Safeway's, corner stores. 
Somewhere along the line they changed the recipe. I would make them 
my self if I could find the spices they used to use.

I can't remember the name my husband said he bought some at Boston 
meats once. And I know I bought some at Safeway. 

Thanks Pat

Hi Pat,

Sorry, I'm not finding anything at all about this.

I'll post this. Maybe one of my readers recalls it and can give a brand name.


Clarification: This does sound like a Canadian meat pie or "Tourtière". I wrote Pat back to ask whether a tourtiere was what she was referring to and to ask if she had tried Regal Meat Pie Seasoning, but my email bounced back because her mailbox was full. Because of her email issues, I can't get any additional details.
Note that she is not looking for just any meat pie seasoning. She is looking for a particular meat pie seasoning or recipe that was used in meat pies that she bought at Safeway in the 1950s - 1960s. The flavor was unlike meat pies today. She can't recall the brand name, and it's not clear that she ever bought a spice mixture. It sounds like she wants to match the taste of premade meat pies that she bought at Safeway, probaly made by Safeway or an outside vendor. A copycat or "tastes-like" would probably be fine, but it should demonstrate some link back to either Safeway or the 50s/60s. Regal did not come into being until 1987.

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