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Venetian Delight

On 9/3/2018 2:10 AM, Tommie wrote:

I went to school in the San Jose unified School district late 60s to
late 70s.

Venetian delight was a casserole dish with meat, pasta, a sauce and a vegetable.  
It may even had cheese on top.  I don't really remember everything in it though.

This dish was on our menu now and again. But I'm unable to find it
anywhere.  Perhaps you can help.

Thank you


Hello Tommie,

I did a thorough search today, but the only things that I could find with the name "Venetian Delight" were a restaurant/pizzeria, and a kind of cake with a lot of fruit. I also found a school lunch menu from New York state with "Venetian Delight cheese pizza" listed. I didn't find anything like your description with that name.

I'll post this for reader input. Perhaps someone from the San Jose Unified School District nutrition services will respond.


Subject: Venetian delight request 9/18
From: Teresa 
Date: 12/12/2018, 1:04 AM

I also went to school in the SJUSD at the same Time as Tommie.  I remember Venetian delight.  
It was ground beef, crushed tomatoes, corn and green bean it had an egg noodle pasta but not 
wide noodles.  I tried making it and it was pretty good.

Thank you! That sounds right.


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