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Woolworths Birthday Cake Icing

Subject: Woolworths birthday cake icing recipe
From: Laura
Date: 8/20/2020, 7:00 PM

On 8/20/2020 2:39 PM, Laura wrote:

Woolworths birthday cake icing recipe

Hi Laura,

Do you mean the old, American Woolworth's? I have a collection of scanned recipes from the American Woolworth's kitchen manual, but I don't have much from the baking section. The birthday cake icing is not one that I have, and I can't find anything at all about it on the web.

There is a chain of supermarkets in the UK, Australia, and South Africa that's also named "Woolworth's", but it is not the same company. It's likely that they have birthday cakes, but they wouldn't be the same as those in the American Woolworth's. If the UK is the one you mean, let me know.

Assuming that you mean the American Woolworth's, I'll post this. Perhaps a reader can contribute something.


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