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Bierberg Bakery Hörnchen

Subject: hörnchen recipe from Bierberg's Bakery
From: Nancy
Date: 9/15/2019, 9:29 AM

On 9/14/2019 10:20 PM, Nancy wrote:

I am requesting a recipe from Bierberg's Bakery in Columbus, Ohio.  The bakery closed 
some time around 2011--give or take a year.  The recipe was for almond crescents.  
I believe they were known as hoernchen in German, and the edges of them were dipped in 
some kind of icing or white chocolate that was dyed a light green.

If you could find this recipe I would be very grateful!


Hi Nancy,

I found lots of raves about Bierberg's Bakery in German Village in Columbus, Ohio, including these articles:

This Week News

The Travel Chica

Edible Columbus

I could not find any recipes at all from Bierberg's, which was in German Village and was only open two months a year around the holidays. The bakery, run by Helen Bierberg Walsh before it closed about 2012, made cookies using recipes that Helen Bierberg Walsh's mother Theresa brought over from Germany.

I was able to find recipes for "hörnchen", which are also called "kipfel" in dialectical German. "Hörnchen" means "crescent" in German, and "kipfel" is the Yiddish word. However, I could not find any recipe that specifically claimed to taste like , or gave any connection to, Bierberg's. I suspect that the Bierberg family are the only ones who have that recipe. I could not find anything at all about icing on the cookies. The photo of them at Bierberg Bakery Traditional German Cookies  does not appear to show any icing, just sugar, which may have been vanilla sugar.

You might wish to try these recipes for hörnchen:

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