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Creamy Strawberry Dessert

Subject: Creamy strawberry dessert
From: Keith
Date: 9/15/2019, 10:03 AM

On 9/15/2019 8:40 AM, Keith wrote:

I am looking for a dessert recipe that no one seems to remember. I attended Chandler School 
in Manchester, NH. In the 1970's. Meals were prepared at a larger school and shipped over 
daily. There was a creamy, lighter than air strawberry dessert that was the best! It is not 
a mousse.  It came in a little plastic lidded container with a dollop of whipped cream on 
the top. It was whipped as you could see air pockets all through it. It's lighter than 
cool-whip. Any help would be appreciated.

Chef Keith Hudson

Hello Keith,

Well, I struck out solidly on this one. If you can tell me the name of that "larger school" where the meals were prepared, it might lead somewhere. Other than that, I have little hope.

There is a Facebook group page called "I went to Chandler School in Manchester New Hampshire". You might try joining that group an posting on that page. Someone might remember what the dessert was called or other information about it, which might be a lead. See: I went to Chandler School in Manchester New Hampshire

I will post this for reader input.


 The cafeteria food was prepared at a commissary at Beech Street School, Manchester, NH.

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