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Anne Arundel Poultry BBQ Sauce

From: Dawn 
Sent: Monday, September 14, 2020 3:39 AM
Subject: Anne Arundel Poultry Chicken Sauce

Good morning Phaedrus!!!

I stumbled across your page while researching Anne Arundel Poultry. I see that 
you have a lot of requests for that sauce!  My father was actually one of the 
owners of the chicken stand after it closed at the Farmer’s Market on Ritchie 
Highway and moved to Brooklyn Park.

After many years of badgering, LOL, my father has finally parted with a recipe! 
My sister and I have wanted this recipe for many years as you can imagine.
We have decided to start our own sauce company in light of the many, many 
requests for the sauce.

If you would like to point those questions in my direction, please feel free. 
Our email is:

Thank you and have a wonderful day !!


Hi Dawn,

You are bottling and selling the sauce? That's great! Do you have any product ready? What payment method(s) are you set up to accept? How much is it per bottle? I'd like a bottle myself!


On 9/14/2020 9:08 AM, Dawn wrote:

Hey there

We are just in the beginnings of all things we want to do! After waiting 
almost 30 years for this recipe we are very, very excited. Right now, we 
are offering a spice blend of all the good things that make up the sauce.  
The consumer has to add 3/4 c. of ketchup and add water to the quart fill 
line on the blender, blend for 3 mins, pour into a quart mason jar and 
refrigerate for at least 24 hours. 

Eventually we plan on opening up a barbeque carry-out type restaurant, 
but with Covid-19, we have put that on hold, but still want to offer 
everyone the sauce, so the spice blend is definitely the best route.

When I was 15, in 1987,  I worked for my father at the chicken stand.  
I remember vividly the peoples faces when they would taste this sauce 
on a fresh rotisserie chicken, or a fresh rack of ribs. We would cut 
them up and put them into a white plastic bucket and ladle in a few 
ladles of goodness, put the lid on and give it a spin. I really have 
not seen anything like it in my lifetime since, so that is why my 
sister and I wish to recreate it!

I would like to send you a packet of the seasoning so you can try it 
out.  It was a favorite of many of the Anne Arundel area.  Let me 
know if you are interested, I have a few made up. We are going to 
offer the spice blend for $4, and as I stated earlier, it makes a 
quart. It also makes a great dry rub.

Your first order is on us!


Dawn Wilson
Betty Palumbo

On Mon, Sep 14, 2020 at 2:06 PM Phaedrus wrote:

Hi Dawn & Betty,

Wow! Great!

Are you ready to start getting orders? If so, I'll post the info next week. If not, tell me and I'll hold up until you are ready. Do you have a website?


Hey Phaed 

We are actually ready for some orders!! We have updated the email address to:
Also, we are working on getting a Facebook page together where people will be 
able to place orders as well. I will send out your package tomorrow afternoon.  
I look forward to your reaction to the sauce!!!! Thanks a lot for being so open 
and working with us. We really appreciate it !!

Best Regards,

Dawn and Betty 

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