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Country Rose Cafe Salmon Salad

Subject: Salmon salad filling from Rose's or Rosie's cafe in Nevada City California early '90s
From: jorja
Date: 9/7/2020, 5:03 AM

On 9/6/2020 5:15 PM, jorja wrote:

Hello Uncle :-) We are searching for the recipe for the salmon salad filling 
from Rose's or Rosie's Cafe in Nevada City California in the early '90s. 
It was really good and it was really simple .I haven't really quite been able 
to recreate it but maybe somebody actually has what was in it. I mean other 
than obviously salmon, dill, cucumber, and red onion at the last minute so 
it's not overwhelming. Maybe a little mayonnaise. It's okay but doesn't quite 
hit the spot :-). Thank you again for all your help.


Hi Jorja,

I think that you must mean "The Country Rose Cafe". It's the only "Rose Cafe" in Nevada City, CA that I could find any mention of:

The Country Rose Cafe
300 Commercial St
Nevada City, CA

I could not find a menu or any mention of "salmon salad" from there.

There is also a cafe by that name in Hollister, CA:

The Country Rose Café
756 San Benito St.
Hollister, CA

It appears to be a breakfast only cafe. I could not find any link between the two other than the name.

I'll post this for reader input.


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