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Woolwoth's Banana Nut Roll

Subject: Woolworths
From: donna
Date: 10/2/2018 10:33 AM

On 10/1/2018 8:15 PM, donna wrote:

Hello there:

Have you had any luck finding the original Woolworths Banana nut roll cake recipe 
from the 1960's yet?


Hello Donna,

There is no recipe for Woolworth's banana nut roll in the Woolworth's recipe collection that I have, nor can I find such a recipe on the Internet.

The nostalgia posts that I find on the Internet are a bit confusing because some are for a "banana roll" and some are for a "banana nut roll."

I have a recipe for "Woolworth's Banana Roll" here: 4-7-2008, but there are no nuts in it.

There is a very similar recipe here: dundas-raine, This one has no nuts in the cake, but it has ground walnuts in the frosting.

I found an old Woolworth's newspaper ad that mentions "banana nut roll," so perhaps they sold both.

I'll post this for reader input.


Thank you for responding and sending me the recipes. The roll as I remember it,  
(I was around 10 years old) was a very moist cake with a special filling.

I don't believe it was a whipped cream filling as it was more "solid" (perhaps more 
like the texture of cream cheese but not the taste of cream cheese). It did have 
slivered walnuts on the icing though.

My parents bought one every Saturday from F.W.Woolworths in Barrie, Ontario.

I am going to contact our local newspaper to see if they will reach out to the Barrie 
residents.  So, if I find it I will email it to you.

Thanks again,
Take care,

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