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Van de Kamp's Date Nut Bread

Subject: VdK's Date Nut Bread
From: Kristine
Date: 9/10/2022, 11:41 AM

On 9/10/2022 10:49 AM, Kristine wrote:

Good morning,
My name is Kristine. My e- mail address is above. I am desperately 
seeking Van de Kamps date nut recipe. It was the greatest!! Do you 
have the recipe, and could I please have a copy.  
Thank you . 

Hello Kristine,

George Geary obtained the original bakery recipes for Van de Kamp's products. He is converting them for home use and is posting them on his personal site as he tests each one.

The Date Nut Bread recipe is posted here: Van de Kamp's Date Nut Loaf The link to the recipe itself is just below the photo. Click on " Van De Kamps Date Nut Loaf Recipe".  The ingredients are measured in grams.

My Van de Kamp's page is here: Van de Kamp's George's site where he posts most of the recipes is here, in the "blog" section:  George Geary There is also a Van de Kamp's Bakery Facebook page here: Van de Kamp's Facebook Page


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